The time is now, the evolution of mobile has continued. A new frontier of mobile. Mobile on any device, freedom.

Progressive Web Applications or PWA

Next generation of mobile apps and websites. Its nothing but game changing to say the least.

Web and mobile app technologies have evolved significantly in recent years and the evolution is taking hold by proving the best features of websites and mobile apps.  Introducing Progressive Web Apps or PWA ( we have to have an acronym for everything!)

PWAs are basically a website that is enabled to deliver a mobile app like experience and functionality . It’s able to achieve this by taking advantage of modern web technologies.

Some great examples of PWAs are as follows:

Some of the key benefits to using PWAs are as follows:

  • Constant fresh as the content is continuously updated in the background
  • Discoverable as search engines are enabled to identify it as an app
  • Extremely Fast loading
  • Exactly the same experience as a mobile app (which can’t be replicated by websites). Cleaner graphics and mobile features
  • Installable on mobile home screens
  • Linkable via URL – no need for an app store of any kind
  • Offline functionality (connectivity independent)
  • Progressive because it works on any browser
  • Push notifications
  • Responsive interface (that fits any form factor)
  • Secure as it’s served over HTTPS

This initiative makes total sense because as much as 70% of global economic growth in the near future will come from emerging markets that are natively built on mobile and plagued by weak connectivity. As a result, PWA is strategically placed to be the key driving force for growth.